Nicole Fahri, 202 Westbourne Grove
Notting Hill, London
W11 2RH Notting Hill Gate 0.4 miles

Nicole Fahri's Westbourne Grove café/restaurant is an excellent place to take a break from the shopping, but get there early as they don't take bookings.

202 at Nicole Fahri

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Nicole Farhi (Westbourne Grove)

202 reviews

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Just great. There's been a few new (and good) places opening recently on WBG - but this is still my favourite.

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 by harris_arnold, 04 Sep 2012
This is a great address! The place is original and we ate a delicious brunch there.

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 by ohmymood, 04 May 2012
I’ve only been here on weekdays - so can’t vouch for what the place is like once the tourists get to Portobello at the weekend - but love coming here in my lunch hour, and more recently for dinner as well.

There’s about four of five staff that have been here for years. They’re always chirpy and efficient and get the food to me in double-quick time. But a special mention to the two waiters that usually work the dinner shift - so nice and professional.

The lunch menu keeps changing, which is a pain when something goes that I really like (bring back the Moroccan chicken, please!) but it does keep things fresh. Dinner always has the same menu when it maybe would be nice to have something different, but they’ve got such a large selection it’s not that hard to find something nice. My one gripe: although the desserts are OK, they’re only OK... the daily crumble is normally good, but I can’t have it every time.

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 by dexterklf, 31 Aug 2011
I’ve been here a few times, but only on the weekend when the queue can sometimes seem endless. Although, we had a great lunch here yesterday. Arrived 12.15, just missing the breakfast slot, but luckily the afternoon menu had plenty of brunchy-type food available. I had a kedgeree (which was a little on the spicy side, so be careful!) while my husband had the English breakfast. Both were delicious and arrived very quickly from the smiling waitress. We were hoping to sit in the garden, but the rainy weather let us down... hopefully next time we’ll have better luck.

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 by artbennett11, 09 Jul 2011
Very good food and great atmosphere! Though be wary of the very arrogant manager. First he forgot that I was waiting 45 mins for a table, of which I had to remind him... IT GETS WORSE - he then denies me water and says unless he sees all my family seated he cannot take any drinks order. Apparently it is the company policy! One cannot order WATER until all individuals are seated at the table...

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 by ola2878, 13 Jun 2011
I and my friend spent most of a very hot Saturday at the front of 202 having some long and emotional conversations and clocking up a grand food/wine bill. The service was great and good-humoured. The food was impressive and the wine always icy cold.

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 by Ju n Di, 14 Jul 2010
Together with a friend, have been enjoying breakfast, brunch or lunch at 202 for the past 2 years, aways enjoying the ambience, excellent (if a little pricey) food and very friendy service. We love, too, that 202 is dog friendly.

This all changed on Monday July 5th. We arrived at noon and sat outside. We weren't ready to eat so ordered a macchiato and an Americano plus 2 glasses of water. The waiter seemed to be having difficulty understanding this simple order. The 2 coffees arrived and he placed one of the glasses of water on the table and took the second away on his tray! My friend had to send her Americano back with apologies as it was stewed and bitter.

A short time after, we asked for our bill and paid it. I then realised the bill for the 2 coffees was £7.35 and, somewhat surprised, noticed I had been charged for a double macchiato. I NEVER order doubles, though often order a second single. I pointed out to the waiter that I hadn't ordered a double but was unsure whether a single or double had been served (as the cup was so small).

Shortly after, a manager (not one I am familiar with) returned with an attitude and a small cup and an even smaller esoresso cup, which he waved in my face. I explained I had not ordered a double and never do. He walked away and immediately return to say that the waiter had confirmed I had ordered a double. My friend politely tried to point out that he had not actually asked what size I wanted, when the manager rudely interjected with "Oh, come on!", and walked off.

We found this whole episode quite disturbing and very unpleasant. It should have been politely resolved, possibly by the manager saying that the waiter had misunderstood and would I like a single on the house. I would have said "Thankyou, I am fine, don't worry about it". Instead, we got up and left and won't be returning again. We had a delicious lunch at DKNY in New Bond Street, where the staff are helpful, efficient, friendy and appreciate their customers!

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 by chocoholic, 10 Jul 2010
A good 8 out of 10 for this café within a clothes shop within a furniture store. I’ve been 6 or 7 times now and it consistently ticks all the boxes: good food, good coffee, good service, OK prices. The queue can be a pain, but once they get to know your face the wait does get mysteriously shorter. Atmosphere is quite lively. It can get cramped though, and I’ve been blocked in by baby strollers more than once.

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 by alex.hartley, 24 Nov 2009
After a long absence, I went there again a few weeks ago with my husband and my mother-in-law. It was the perfect experience. The service was very nice and friendly, the food very good, atmosphere buzzy and relaxed, and prices - although not cheap - seemed to reflect the look and feel of the place. Only one waitress had a bad attitude: I ordered a salad without any vinegar on it, they served it with vinegar, but when I complained and sent it back, she got all moody and huffy. But other than that, no remarks whatsoever. I would recommend this place for a nice, relaxing meal in lovely surroundings and decent, well-executed food.

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 by pigletto (4 reviews), 16 Sep 2009
I've always been a little reluctant to visit this place due to the whole food-clothes-lifestyle thing, thinking the food would be taking second place, but after really bad service more than once a few doors down at Daylesford's (don't go) I thought I'd give it a try...

Firstly there's the wait. There were two of us and it took about 10 mins on a Sunday afternoon, so not bad, especially as it was a hot day and we were lucky enough that the guy doing the queue gave us a table in the back garden. I have to say the coffee could be better but the Italian hot chocolate was one of the best I've ever tasted, really thick and rich without being sickly. I'll agree with most of the reviews below - the food was really, really good. We had fluffy, crisp French toast with great tasty bacon and bright glowing scrambled eggs, which the lovely, unpretentious (and yes!, English-fluent) waitress assured us were not coloured. It came quickly, without fanfare. The sizes are huge, so much so that although I really wanted to try the cheesecake there was no way I was going to fit one in. As they don't do take-away, I had to give it a miss. Maybe next time...

Total cost was £25.65 including 12.5% service, so not the cheapest, but we had such a good time we actually left a few quid as tip.

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 by nottingbill, 27 Aug 2009
I usually go there on Saturdays but go before lunchtime as the wait can be quite long (annoyingly, you can't book). French toast and scrambled eggs are the best, and they have big tables that are great for a large party.

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 by AJones (2 reviews), 14 Aug 2009
I attended 202 with my partner earlier today. The queue was quite long but after approximately 10 minutes we were escorted to a table. After we ordered, we noted that the glasses had fingerprints and smelt of eggs! We asked for a waitress to assist but waited for so long that in the end one of us got up and got some clean glasses to replace the old ones. The waitress saw us doing this and looked at us in a dismissive manner as though to suggest that we were too demanding. The waitress even smelt the glasses but did not offer an apology - instead she just left.

When our food arrived, let's just say that the bread on the steak sandwich was old, whilst the plates were covered in fingerprints and quite greasy. I thought the standards were just ridiculous! Before leaving, I made a point of checking what their toilets and kitchen looked like downstairs. In the kitchen was an employee who was touching raw vegetables with visibly unclean hands, whilst the remaining cooks looked overworked and sweaty.

I owe it to myself and my intestine never to go there again.

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 by cath.ellis, 01 Aug 2009
Yesterday I went there mid-afternoon with a business associate for a meeting with a coffee, having been there before.

Given the earlier comments, it seems to me that this time of day (when it is very quiet) is a good time to go. My cappuccino was fine (though no better than Cafe Nero) and so was the glass of wine. Tap water was brought without demur.

By having inoffensive items one can enjoy the slightly unusual ambience without worrying about the quality of food and service (will it be good?/ will it be bad?).

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 by dori2343, 29 Apr 2009
I visited 202 with a couple of friends last weekend, each of us expecting something stellar in the way of breakfast. However, we were sorely disappointed. Mysteriously, £9 eggs could not be poached. Mystery solved 20 minutes later when said eggs arrived cold, rubbery and clearly cooked in bulk. "Grilled cherry tomatoes" had never been in the same room as a griller and were bemusingly cooler than room temp. Add to this the lacklustre staff and you get an extremely overpriced experience; definitely not worth queueing for. Make a booking and head to The Electric for some decent nosh.

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 by Happylittlevegemite, 23 Nov 2008
202 is seriously incredible. I went there on the recommendation of a colleague of mine and she was right to send me there. The food was amazing, the staff friendly and the wait wasn't too long. Great for brunching and lunching! I will definitely be going back.

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 by fairyella (2 reviews), 04 Aug 2008
We were regulars when we lived around there. Best brunch place I have been to. Coffee is of a consistently high standard. Good service even though they are always busy.

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 by littlescorpio, 15 May 2008
I went there with my boyfriend one week ago, on the recommendation of his colleague. Maybe it was just not a good day or the right chef, but it was a really disappointing experience.

Although the long queue didn't discourage us, while queuing we saw a table of two people putting aside their desserts. We should have taken this as a bad omen...

We both ordered scrambled eggs with mushrooms on toast, at around £9. The toast was burnt, the eggs were cold and tasteless, and the plates were greasy and you could see fingerprints on them. The mushrooms, I have to say though, were delicious. We also ordered some chips and sausages, which were reasonable too.

The ambience is quite nice, but the place was totally understaffed that day and we had to wait an extremely long time to get the bill.

The following day we had breakfast in the local Witherspoons for half the price. It was much better.

This first experience just puts me off going to 202 again. However, it's had such great reviews, maybe it was a one-off bad day.

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 by twiny, 13 Apr 2008
I went there for breakfast on Saturday. The French toast was heavenly. It was one of the best breakfasts I've had. There is a good choice of different things and not just the usual sausage and eggs.

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 by T Lam, 12 Nov 2007
Being a local, I and my wife go to 202 regularly and don't recognize the shrill hysteria of the review below. We unfailingly have a good time and find the staff very friendly (and intelligent!).

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 by B.Morris, 25 Jul 2007
None of the staff smiles. They are all in a hurry and can't handle the work load. The manager is doing a poor poor job of training them and an ever worse job at taking care of his customers.

We went there for brunch. The table we were seated at was a tiny side table. It took TWO SERVERS to carry out our meal, neither one having the intelligence to note that these plates were not going to fit onto this tiny table. One of the servers, when she realized there was no more room on the table, slid my meal onto my lap.

Pretty alarming! Right?

Well, NOTHING was done other than the manager coming by (after we asked for him to do so) and giving his card (huffing and puffing because he is stressed and overworked, can't handle the work load either) to say send him the dry-cleaning bill). Big deal. I walk around the rest of the day with stains on my clothes. (This is the one afternoon when we can get out of the house for a bit and hired a sitter for our 11-month-old twins.)

When our bill did come, we were overcharged - for something we had not ordered. We had to point this out and then it was taken off and 'service' was added!!

We had to laugh and ask for that to be removed as well.

This was a horrible experience and one that forced me to come to this site and place this information. I will never go back and will tell my friends as well.

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 by WOW, 09 Jun 2007

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