BFI Imax

1 Charlie Chaplin Walk
Waterloo, London
Tel: 0870 787 2525 Waterloo 0.2 miles

Seriously impressive cinema with the UK's biggest screen (the height of 5 double-decker buses). As well as 3D documentaries which take full advantage of the scale of Imax they show mainstream movies which look amazing despite only filling half the screen.

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I have been to the Imax at Waterloo just the once so far and that was last month with my wife. The thought of a return there is something I find quite exciting. I found the service prompt and professional and I felt that more effort was made to make you feel welcome than I've ever received in the 'normal' cinemas (which I never intend to go back to).

Loved the big screen, the perfectly clean seating area and, most of all, no adverts! Love the trailers for upcoming releases - as it should be - but absolute delight to sit down and not be forced to watch commercial after commercial. If I want to look at a Twix or the latest insurance offer, I'd stay at home in front of the TV.

I readily recommend a little extra for the Imax. Well worth the standard ticket price of £15. Imax only from now on.

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 by tomwladyslaw, 18 Mar 2011
Very terrible service I received from this cinema. They treat all young people like criminals and nothing is ever clear. You cannot contact the cinema at all and the place is crawling with rats. They must have sooooo much money from the years they have been charging outrageous and well overpriced prices, that they just do not care any more.

P.S. The food was bad!!

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 by dondapperg2, 21 Feb 2011
I booked tickets and then my father fell ill and died, so I had to rush overseas for the funeral. I managed to remember to try to cancel my tickets, and contacted the cinema to do so, and was led on a wild goose chase of phone calls and emails. The first of those emails confirmed that I would receive a refund. After some follow-up messages I assumed everything was sorted and left my number in case it was not.

I received a call on the night of the movie asking why I wasn't there. I explained the situation and was told that they don't do refunds, but referred to the manager, for whom I left yet another message reminding them of the refund promise. Weeks later, with my life back in order, I realise that no refund was ever posted.

Enough is enough; they can have their £15 to stew in their cold blood. Yes, I'm bitter, but also a bit shocked at the terrible service I received.

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 by jrhutch_94705, 06 Feb 2010
Just like to say the information is misleading as this is NOT the UK's biggest screen. According to the BFI IMAX website, the screen measures 20 metres x 26 metres (which is huge) but the IMAX in Manchester measures 24 metres x 30 metres.

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 by windows5050, 25 Dec 2009
Ignore all the bad reviews! The bad reviews are all lies or they have been extremely unlucky, because the IMAX experience in Waterloo is magnificent. The screen is the size of five double decker buses! There is no mess on the floors - if there is mess made during the movie it is cleaned up afterwards before the next film comes on. I would recommend this cinema to anyone.

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 by Cinema Lover, 29 May 2009
The IMAX experience at Waterloo is one you should definitely miss. If you like sitting in a rubbish dump surrounded by empty cartons, sticky floors, torn seats, then that's the place for you. What a disappointment. Even after making a formal complaint (twice), the management have not even had the courtesy to reply. Not an experience to replicate.

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 by joanhopkins08, 26 May 2009
Great films and great food as well!

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 by banca_stephanie2009, 29 Mar 2009
OMG - can't believe how big the screen is!

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 by marlififer, 17 Feb 2009
Me and my family went to see Harry Potter 5, with the last 20 minutes in IMAX 3D. We sat in the very top rows, which I would recommend booking as it's the best place to view from. It's something which has to be seen to be believed. The size of the screen and the sound quality make such a difference. I had already seen HP in a normal screen cinema and enjoyed it much more in the IMAX. The 3D effects are absolutely stunning. Whatever film you see, it's an experience for all ages that is not to be missed.

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 by Amy K, 20 Aug 2007
A fantastic cinema with an absolutely huge screen. I've been here quite a few times, and the good seats are right at the back (the middle seats). You might feel a bit sick right at the front. It's best to book seats in advance as it's a very popular venue, for adults as well as kids. I saw a 3-D underwater documentary here, but unfortunately the glasses made me feel rather queasy. But 2-D wildlife, space and underwater documentaries are just as impressive. I saw Spiderman 2 and the visual effects were stunning, so I think 3-D is a bit overrated...

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 by bobbypants (52 reviews), 16 Jun 2007
My daughter and I love Imax! We always try to see a film there rather than at a regular cinema now.

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 by Chammy, 15 Nov 2006
If you've got kids to amuse for an afternoon or evening this place is perfect! As well as the fun of 3D the screen is brain-numbingly huge.

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 by capital girl (54 reviews), 14 Aug 2005
This is very impressive cinema, simply stunning for 3-D. However slightly flawed for 2-D film, as it is a huge screen you are sat close and the screen is viewed at the midpoint and it is more natural to look upwards. But still deserves full marks.

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 by Merlin, 29 Jul 2005
My visit was amazing - definitely a must.

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 by Anonymous, 11 Oct 2004
The screen here is absolutely huge and it's worth a visit for that reason alone. But most of the films shown are novelty 3D affairs which are entertaining for kids but somewhat dull for most adults.

However I did see the 2nd Matrix film here, which was very impressive, with excellent picture quality and it made the film much more gripping than I expect it would have been in a conventional cinema.

I hope they show more remastered mainstream or arthouse movies instead of the 3D animated insect films.

Useful review? 1
 by Mark Cowan (13 reviews), 12 Apr 2004

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