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Harrods is an institution in its own right. Once claiming to be ‘everything London', tourists still flock there to buy teddy bears bearing the Harrods insignia or simply to gawp at the over-the-top glitz and super-abundance of the Egyptian Hall and the like. The luxuries of its Food Hall are legendary, and in more recent years its Urban Retreat hairdressing and beauty salon has gained a reputation for its ultra-indulgent (and suitably expensive) Crème de la Mer facials.

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We attended the Caviar House and Prunier Seafood Bar last month whilst on holiday. We ordered seafood platters and champagne, which was expensive. Another customer sat next to us with a plate of hot chicken from a different outlet. The smell etc completely spoilt the ambience of our meal.

We complained and were told the plate would not be washed there. When the guy had finished eating, the bones and plate were put in the sink area within the seafood bar. This contravenes food and hygiene standards. We complained again and were advised there were staff training issues.

The service was extremely poor and we will never shop there again. They stated anyone can eat any type of food in any of the outlets. If this is the case then there would be one dining area for all. The manager was conveniently in a meeting when we complained about the food hygiene standards. We asked for a refund and they refused!

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 by S Wilkinson, 08 Sep 2012
I live In Perth, Western Australia, and had the pleasure of visiting Harrods in September last year. I was just blown away, as we have nothing like this in Perth. You Londoners are very lucky!

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 by calla_j_n, 04 Nov 2009
I never go wrong when I shop at this store.

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 by sashabrit15, 24 Jul 2009
I'm from Kuwait. I love London and I love Harrods - an excellent store.

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 by fatma smith, 06 Jun 2009
Went to buy my grandchildren a book each the other Thursday evening. Marvellous experience - the young girl who served me couldn't have been more informed or helpful.

One grumble: the store is huge and it would be nice to have somewhere to sit apart from the cafes.

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 by wickedsoul_uk, 25 Mar 2009
Grandmother first introduced me when I was 9 years old to afternoon tea; I have just done the same with my grandchildren, as I did with my children. Oh what memories. This time I had a glass of bubbly with tea. 50 years have passed and it's still as good as I can remember. This will always be a family tradition. Long live this 'corner shop', as my grandmother called it. A great British institution. Long may she live on Brompton Rd.

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 by snaves1978, 29 Jan 2009
Amazing place in every way! Far better than Harvey Nics and much better value for money (I paid £100 less for my Chloe bag...) See you in Jan sales!

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 by skcolorama, 19 Dec 2008
The only store to rival Harrods is Bergdorf Goodman in New York, and even then, Harrods might just win. Anywhere that sells Christian Louboutin shoes, Myla lingerie and Krispy Kreme doughnuts under one roof gets my vote! They just have everything you could possibly want and more than you could possibly afford!

The staff are so helpful, it’s actually quite amazing. When trying on a slip from La Perla which was too big, the assistant telephoned the La Perla branch on Sloane Street to check if they had a smaller version and put it on hold for me to collect. It's a small detail but it makes all the difference. We all want to feel as though we’re getting a personal service and, let’s be fair, it costs the sales assistants nothing but makes all the difference to the clientele.

If you can, go during the week before 13:00 (well worth taking the morning off of work for), and avoid Sundays at all costs when the tourists are out in force!

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 by Milla (46 reviews), 19 Dec 2008
On 15 September I arranged a special gift card for my daughter's birthday. I made it clear that it needed to be with her for her birthday on 20 September. I thought this would be really special, a lovely surprise for her and then she could choose her present from Harrods.

Today, she telephoned me in tears as she had not received her birthday present. I spoke to Harrods directly on two occasions this week and they assured me that the card would arrive by Royal Mail Special Delivery for her birthday. However, today when I spoke to another person they explained this order would take 5-10 days.

I feel Harrods have let me down and shall never do business with them again.

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 by poppylands, 20 Sep 2008
Most horrendous and inattentive service this afternoon in the pizzeria, I have to say. Extremely dismal show of personal hygiene from the pizza chef - most unsavoury. Frightfully dismayed and shall not eat there again whilst the particular chef is in Harrods' employ.

Useful review?
 by Amelia deLune, 22 Apr 2008
The store is a credit to London - it really is 'Harrods, darling'.

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 by pcbigwillystyle (5 reviews), 20 Apr 2008
First class. Courteous staff in every department. A truly magnificent experience, made even more special by seeing Mr Al Fayed himself on the escalator. Made my day.

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 by mallan54, 02 Apr 2008
Asked for a pair of shoes to be set aside for me for the next day. The next day, they couldn't find the shoes, nor offer any real solution other than that I return when the person they think served me (haven't they heard of rosters?) will be working. Not very impressive... but then the store has become a souk.

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 by Consuming with Thought (6 reviews), 17 Feb 2008
Every time I have had food from here it has been good, if not very good. It's worth paying that little bit extra - you get a lot more for it.

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 by Paul-F, 28 Jan 2008
Wonderful store, most helpful staff.

Useful review?
 by hope, 31 Dec 2007
Amazing (or not!) how many Harrods employees seem to be posting glowing reports of shopping at the store. Quite frankly, you can get what you want (and not want) here but at an enormously overinflated price and mediocre service. Strictly for tourists. Plenty of other good department stores dotted in and around London if that's your thing.

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 by LONDONER2008, 31 Dec 2007
The food hall is amazing (if more than a bit pricey), but the department store is shockingly overpriced. We were looking for a specific chest in both Harrods and Selfridges. Both had it in stock, only it was half the price (literally) at Selfridges. Very few Londoners, no matter how wealthy they are, visit this place for more than the incredible food hall.

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 by swim73088 (11 reviews), 28 Nov 2007
What a day out it was! Out of this world! I am glad I have had the pleasure of going there.

Useful review?
 by phyllis parry, 17 Oct 2007
What an experience. A shopping must. Bought our two girls a teddy bear each and a Christmas decoration for the tree. I didn't like the pet shop - it looked dirty and the pets were very overpriced (£1000 for a kitten?!). Toy department was like something out of the film 'Big'.

Useful review?
 by A & S BARRETT, 09 Oct 2007
I went through the wrong door and I have been banned for life! Can you imagine that?

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 by bad bad bad, 08 Oct 2007

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