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Bought a rather expensive engagement ring from here last year. In under 12 months one of the diamonds had cracked. No damage to the setting, so it must have been due to an internal flaw of the diamond. This makes me question their 'careful' rating of diamonds.

They eventually agreed to replace it for free, but nearly 4 months since sending it to be repaired I still have no idea when it will be back... Will never buy from them again.

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 by Disappointed123, 12 Aug 2013
I buy all of my jewels from Tiffany on Wall Street in New York. A lovely man called Gil serves me each time and his manners and customer service skills are exemplary. Also I have had dealings with Tiffany at the Bellagio in Las Vegas - again, excellent customer service. Love Tiffany.

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 by ktballam, 02 Jul 2012
Really interested to read the reviews here, as I'm a working bespoke jeweller. Whilst I can't comment on Tiffany's customer service, I did note a couple of instances where folk had said the silver on their items had "worn off". In defence of Tiffany, nothing they sell would have its silver "wear off" as it's all sterling. It sounds to me that if you have had allergy problems, or silver wearing off problems, you may have been given a fake!

Regarding repairs, it's often quicker and better to take broken items to a good local bespoke jeweller. All Tiffany items are manufactured in the Far East, and so often items have to go back there to be mended. Small repairs can often be carried out for a very small charge by a UK jeweller in their workshop. You'll get better client service out of most small working UK jewellers too.

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 by Annathejeweller, 22 May 2012
My partner purchased a necklace for me as a surprise gift, which was lovely. However, the chain was a 16", which is so tight it strangles. When telephoning and asking for this to be resolved, the only solution given was to pay for it to be extended - £16 for the first inch and £1 for every inch after. Most high end outlets exchange as good customer service - as I pointed out, this is not fit for use. Although polite, no other help was given. Would not return as a customer. Very disappointed.

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 by kate1363, 25 Apr 2012
We went to have lunch at the Westfield shopping centre. A wealthy friend from abroad who was visiting thought she'd kill two birds with one stone (lunch and shop), despite having a holiday home (Knightsbridge) a stone's throw away from the Bond Street Tiffany's store.

As soon as we entered Tiffany's, we had a quick look around but nothing really took her fancy. So she decided to have a look around the fine jewellery end of the store. She saw a ring that she really liked and had the ability to buy (take note: she once spent over £165,000 equivalent in one shop alone in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia). The sales assistants seemed uninterested. One assistant was going past and my friend politely asked if she could try it on, to which the sales assistant responded by ignoring her and carried on walking. She assumed since we were in our early 20s we were most probably unable to afford such an item. Shocked, we walked towards the exit of the store and approached the security guard, who spoke very bad English and was a little confused as to what we meant by "in-house complaints system".

To be honest, for their sort of prices you will never get your money back if you need to sell. It would probably be wiser to get more for your money in terms of quality and size of diamond, as well as metal such as gold, from other reputable jewellers. Went next door to De Beers and made them more than happy!

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 by Rano, 03 Sep 2011
My wife has always wanted a present from Tiffany's, so for our Golden Wedding Anniversary I saved up and ordered a gold 'Love Locket' for her (£500 - not a lot of money for Tiffany's but a fortune for me).

When it arrived it was of very poor quality, very difficult to open and then impossible to close. There was a nasty spike of metal sticking out of the hinge that snagged my wife's new cardigan and completely ruined our day.

I think that Tiffany's are now producing 'tat' and trading on their name. I sent it back with a covering letter and received a standard reply that read "Sorry this item did not suit your needs".

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 by anthony322, 10 Jun 2011
I'm sooo annoyed with this store at the moment. I bought my girlfriend an expensive silver ring from the NYC store last month and within 2 mins of her wearing the ring on Xmas day her finger started to turn green! She has had absolutely no previous reactions to any other silver jewellery she has worn and I'm left looking like I bought her present out of a kids' fun fair machine.

I am now trying to return the ring but the customer service absolutely stinks. I am being told I have to pay £15 to return the ring to the NYC store, even though they have a flagship London store an hour away from my house in the UK. The store seems to be acting almost intentionally annoying so I hopefully vanish and my girlfriend just carries on wearing a £200 silver ring that's turning black on her finger!

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 by spaldo, 29 Dec 2010
I absolutely loved the Tiffany bracelet I got for my 21st. However, because I actually received two of them, I returned one and had TERRIBLE service. They claimed I had scratched it when I hadn't even taken it out of the bag! I have now had the other bracelet for 18 months and the silver has worn off. This is a problem in itself but in addition I have an allergy to nickel (a cheap metal substitute for silver), which is obviously under the thin layer of silver as I have a rash! I used to love Tiffany's. Not any more!!

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 by hannahc77, 23 Sep 2010
Just returned from Tiffany's in New York. Outstanding service provided by the most kind and caring people. We will be returning to them again. 5*

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 by Julieanne, 26 Feb 2010
I recently visited Tiffany & Co with my boyfriend to choose my engagement ring. The service we received was excellent. Our assistant, Nicholas, was very helpful and we were even given champagne. The whole Tiffany experience was excellent and I cannot wait for my beautiful engagement ring to arrive.

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 by gemmalbridges, 20 Feb 2010
I visited Tiffany Bond Street last week when my husband was getting me a present for my birthday. The service on the first floor was awful - the staff were totally uninterested. I left feeling very disappointed and went to Harrods the next day where I was made to feel like royalty as the staff were most helpful and courteous. 10 out of 10 for Harrods.

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 by di_mcmullan, 05 Jul 2009
After scanning through the reviews on here I was very concerned about my intention to buy from Tiffany's London.

However, after calling the above number, I had a delightful conversation with a lady called Megan. She called the Old Bond St store and reserved an item for me to collect in the morning. Absolutely delightful service, and very elegant call waiting music as well.

Highly recommended.

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 by CGFilm, 15 May 2009
I emailed customer services 2 months ago to enquire about a replacement earring back but never received a reply. However, yesterday I visited their branch in Harrods where I was given 2 complimentary earring backs! Customer Services = NIL POINTS, Harrods Dept = 5 STARS!

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 by martintv5, 17 Apr 2009
Some of these reviews just about sum it up: NOT SO PREMIUM after all.

Last year, I bought the so-called 'Genuine Silver David Star Pendant' for my daughter as a token for her to wear following the death of her father. This pendant, as you can imagine, meant/means a lot to her. In her words: "He is always with me".

You can imagine our disappointment, as the so-called 'genuine' article is now gold in colour and looks really cheap and nasty. The only thing that remained silver is the 16" silver chain that the pendant is on. It's so annoying, as when the pendant was purchased it certainly wasn't on sale.

I will not be making any further purchases from Tiffany & Co.

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 by rogersmith, 14 Apr 2009
My boyfriend bought me a ring for Christmas that I have wanted forever. 3 months later my ring is broken and the enamel has come off. In New York I was told: "These rings are painted like a Rolls Royce". Well, if the enamel paint came of my Rolls after 3 months I would be even more annoyed and upset than I am.

Paying premium price, I naturally expect premium service. I was advised that I can send my ring back to be looked at but the damage will most probably be down to general wear and tear! This is a ring I thought was designed to be worn - if it was to look at in a box I wouldn't have bought it. Nowhere did it say that I shouldn't wear my ring or just save it for special occasions!

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 by jennebella, 02 Apr 2009
I visited Tiffany's yesterday with my daughter and was thrilled with the customer service. Thank you Antonio, you were so helpful!

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 by Julie Richards, 26 Mar 2009
I visited Tiffany's in London to look at potential wedding rings. I was directed to the right counter by the door man and then waited ages for someone to even acknowledge my presence. The man who did attend to me was totally disinterested (perhaps because I was a woman on my own). I tried on a number of rings but there was no real desire to help. I am going on Monday to buy the ring I want but taking my husband to me with me. I wonder if this will make a difference. A shop with a reputation such as it has must improve its customer service in London!

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 by scarrlett, 07 Mar 2009
Excellent service. The staff were really helpful and gave me the advice I needed. Many places could learn from them!

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 by sophiesmith229, 19 Feb 2009
My daughter was ecstatic when we bought her the necklace she had been hoping for at Christmas, only to find it was broken when she put it on. She is devastated that it's now February and we still have had no telephone or email reply as to having it repaired or exchanged. Customer servives must be non-existant or they just don't care. Considering the credit crunch, I'd have thought they wouldn't want to risk losing any custom.

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 by janice.gillatt, 05 Feb 2009
Having read the reviews I was shocked by my likely experience when calling the London Mayfair branch of Tiffany's. I too was bowled over by fabulous service on Fifth Ave in NYC, but it looks like we need to learn a few lessons for the UK. Tried calling 4 times this morning and the phone just rings out... and rings out... An answer machine would be helpful, but then I have no confidence that anyone would call back. I will go elsewhere.

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 by clmcdodd, 03 Feb 2009

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