41 Conduit Street
Mayfair, London
Tel: 020 7439 2510 Oxford Circus 0.2 miles


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Wonderful taste with brilliantly sourced, high end goods. Look is beautiful. Joseph's taste is evergreen and these items are utter fashion classics - some, if not most, you'd wear forever. Excellent service, good sales and a pleasing, well set up and cleverly run shop. Ladies side is superb and little known (2007). I really cannot account for the odd crabby comment below as they are just miles off the mark. Best UK couture shop with a practical bent to it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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 by Geordie Kidston (2 reviews), 08 Sep 2007
Rarely go into the place since they stopped carrying a large range of Valextra. Also, they no longer have the heavily reduced sales (sigh).

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 by now_voyager (13 reviews), 07 Jul 2007
Connolly's chocolate wallet is this season's must have accessory - perfect for your Green & Blacks!

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 by Anonymous, 11 Aug 2005
This shop is fantastic, the products are unique, a must visit.

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 by Anonymous, 19 May 2005
Used to be good, was the thinking londoners Hermes. But nowadays I agree the products seem staid and the service has gotten worse. On the plus side they have reopened their mews store which is good to browse...

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 by Anonymous, 28 Apr 2005
I think this shop is fabulous, they produce a beautiful product and it is very exciting that it is a British company.

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 by Anonymous, 05 Jan 2005
Just rang to ask about some boots. Useless service and no product knowledge!

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 by Anonymous, 02 Dec 2004

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