Les Senteurs

71 Elizabeth Street
Belgravia, London
Tel: 020 7730 2322 Sloane Square 0.3 miles

Les Senteurs

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I stopped by this shop during vacation searching for a new fragrance. The shop was quaint and lovely, stocked with wonderful fragrances not found in department stores. I found my new favorite fragrance, thanks to the great help of the sales associate. She was a lovely, knowledgeable woman and took time with me. I purchased some gifts as well. I highly recommend this shop.

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 by pmd02, 23 Apr 2013
I visited this shop recently, on my holidays, and was served by a lovely French lady who really knew her stuff. She was generous with free samples. She advised me so well that I have now found 'the one' for me. Superb service on every level. Visit them!

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 by big fee (2 reviews), 30 Aug 2011
I was a fairly regular online shopper from this retailer but less now. Reasons? Like many other small independent perfume retailers they are not generous with samples and rarely offer any incentives to try new fragrances. Still, that's their choice... and most of the fragrances I like I can get elsewhere.
Can't review the shop, as haven't been tempted enough to make a special trip there.

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 by Iwantexcellentservice! (2 reviews), 06 Jul 2009
Dear 'now_voyager':
You are clearly ignorant as it IS and ALWAYS has been a family business. The creators of the business are in their 70s/80s and one of their daughters is the manager and one of their sons is the director. Plus their granddaughter works there on Saturdays.

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 by lalalalala, 15 Dec 2008
A beautiful shop with wonderful perfumes and staff who really do know their fragrances. The best place for perfumes - old favourites and new independent ones. Very elegant and yet friendly place.

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 by Wendy Spurry (2 reviews), 27 Feb 2008
Great service - made to feel very welcome, even on a busy pre-Christmas lunchtime. Look forward to going back soon!

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 by juvejon (2 reviews), 22 Jan 2008
As I live in the North of England, it is even harder to find anything that is not mainstream, however I stumbled upon Les Senteurs on a trip to London 15 years ago and have used their mail order service ever since. I sometimes digress from my favourite, 'Habanita', and always ask James to advise me about alternative scents. He is never wrong! Trust them, they will make you feel very special!

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 by karina hesketh, 19 Nov 2007
I've had the pleasure of visiting the shop several times and thus had the chance to be served by several of the members of staff. With no exception, they are incredibly knowledgable, kind and lovely. Never once have I felt pushed to buy a perfume, rather, the focus is on helping people find 'their' perfume. This is one of the best perfume shops I have ever been to.

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 by RenaRuadh, 19 Nov 2007
Profoundly disagree with previous critic. As usual for me, impeccable service from the people in the shop. Purchased Mona di Orio and more Frederic Malle. Even with only one member of staff present and a very chic lady customer before me, I could not have had better service from the young guy serving me. He sure knows his stuff and nothing was too much trouble. Cannot recommend this shop enough.

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 by Irish Critic (4 reviews), 09 May 2007
Firstly, I recently learned that this is not a family-run place but owned by a large perfume distributor - so that's one illusion shattered. Also, staff fairly indifferent. I'm not sure why the place is so highly regarded. Give me Bond no. 9 in New York any day!

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 by now_voyager (13 reviews), 01 Jan 2007
An elegant shop full of beautiful things. I was pleased to see Frederic Malle's range available in England.

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 by Sheila Sarup, 12 Dec 2006
Nice shop and people - useful place to know as they have many good brands but this is a retailer of perfumes rather than a real perfumer, so I am not sure why some are so complimentary - anyway, a good addition to the London scent scene.

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 by Arabella Linley (3 reviews), 15 Apr 2006
Great small shop of rare perfumes!

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 by Anonymous, 22 Feb 2006
Extremely helpful, non-pushy service from the staff who take the time to make sure the customer gets a product that is suitable. I'm an occasional visitor and love to escape the noise of London inside this perfumed haven. Much of what they stock is unavailable elsewhere. Highly recommended.

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 by Anonymous, 14 Feb 2006
The creme de la creme of perfumeries!

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 by Anonymous, 27 Nov 2005
Les Senteurs is a little bit of heaven, and James is its archangel. I went in feeling like a bag lady after a horrendous journey one muggy wet afternoon, and came out feeling like a queen. Fell in love with a daring perfume, but James wouldn't let me buy it straight away and sent me away with 3 samples of it to see if I could really live with it before I invested. I'll be sending for it by mail order though... Fantastic experience - treat yourself!

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 by doctorheleni, 13 Oct 2005
Elegant shop with knowledgeable staff, very good service. Will be back, the super deluxe Frederic Malle scents are incomparable and worth the prices asked.

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 by Anonymous, 28 Sep 2005
Great service, great range of niche fragrances and classics.

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 by Anonymous, 18 Aug 2005
It's the fragrance equivalent of wine tasting. You will find your perfect scent. If you are searching for the One then this is the place to find it.

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 by Anonymous, 09 Aug 2005
Passionate about perfume & extremely knowledgeable. An excellent place for fragrances NOT in every department shop. Though I'm still waiting for a refill bottle for my L'Heure Exquise' - ordered well before Christmas.

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 by Anonymous, 25 Apr 2005

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