Poste Mistress

61-63 Monmouth Street
Covent Garden, London
Tel: 020 7379 4040 Leicester Square 0.1 miles

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I bought a pair of gorgeous shoes there last week whilst on holiday from Australia, as a girlfriend now living in London had to show me her favourite shoe shop. The staff were so helpful and so lovely, and now I want more!

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 by Linda B, 31 Oct 2009
My favourite shoe shop too! Interesting, stylish shoes and helpful yet relaxed service.

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 by revachilds, 19 Apr 2009
I cannot say enough good things about this shop. The shoes are amazing and the staff couldn't be more helpful. This is my new favourite shoe store!

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 by emmafox4, 08 Apr 2009
Amazing, totally hand-made jewellery by eatyourfeet!

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 by sam james, 16 Nov 2008
I find myself in the same group as charlielondon - I LOVE this place! The staff are sooo nice, and every time I have been I've walked out with a pair of shoes. I have always scored big - Jill Sander lace-ups, Italian snakeskin stilettos, Belstaff boots... and I'm waiting for a pair of Lulu Guiness peeptoes in my size!

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 by In These Shoes?!, 05 Sep 2007
I agree, the shoes are fab, but if I am paying so much money for a pair of shoes I at least expect the people serving me not to be so rude! This is such a shame, as this was a great shop a few months ago. I shall buy my shoes elsewhere from now on.

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 by Anonymous, 02 Oct 2006
The shoes here are amazing, some way above my price range, but things like quirky kitten heels make it well worth a visit. And the decor is beautiful, a genuine treat!

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 by Anonymous, 10 Sep 2006
Were we shopping in the same store?? I went in with my young son who bought some trainers and they were so nice to us! (And this is NOT a store for kids.) Helpful, smiley - it was great. Other shops we went in which weren't even half as fashionable, the sales people just stared us down, didn't even say 'hi'. I would absolutely return to buy shoes!

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 by charlielondon (7 reviews), 09 Sep 2006
Poor service and attitude. I agree, this shop has definitely gone downhill...

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 by Anonymous, 28 Jul 2006
Really, really poor... I bought a pair of shoes and when I got home I found out that the sizes of the 2 shoes were different. This sort of thing just shouldn't happen!

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 by massimox84, 26 Jul 2006
I have received terrible service in the last month. The staff were clueless and rude. Such a shame, as this used to be one of my favourite shops.

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 by lisac, 03 Jul 2006
I was very disappointed on my last visit. They seen to have new staff who are rude and have no product knowledge. Come on Poste Mistress, sort it out. This used to be my favourite shop.

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 by Michellet, 27 Jun 2006
Love, love love this store. My absolute favourite shoe shop in London.

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 by Clysgrl (10 reviews), 08 Jun 2006
Great shop, great great selection (pretentious staff but ultimately sweet).

Location is excellent-next to, Koh Samui, one of the best designer bijou boutiques in the world. Shops like these make London GREAT. (Living in NY these days -I miss them-sigh.)

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 by lotussed (2 reviews), 16 May 2006
I got a pair of size 5 Adidas NY city 35th anniversary sneakers last year... the last pair in London, way before they hit Footlocker in mens sizes. Gorgeous store, get a loyalty card it's worth it!

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 by Anonymous, 02 Mar 2006
My fave place to spend my days off... love it!

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 by Anonymous, 12 Feb 2006
Lovely shoe shop and great selection!

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 by Karen101 (28 reviews), 30 Jan 2006
Gorgeous shoes!

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 by Anonymous, 10 Nov 2005
I love my princess shoes, what a perfect place!

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 by Anonymous, 31 Oct 2005
By far the best collection in London and most helpful staff!

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 by Anonymous, 07 Oct 2005

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